She helped me get a great deal for my property!

Rachael Hilfiger is a true blessing from God. She called me one day said she had heard I was thinking of selling my house. I replied that I was, she was showing a house down the street and would like to meet me and find out what I was thinking about and what I want to accomplish. So we met, she made me feel at ease and wanted to help me meet my goals. I told her what I had in mind and she went to work immediately and got information needed, contacted the people to see if theywere interested in buying my property. They were and she set up a meeting with them. She was knowledgeable about the whole process, answered any questions I had. She helped me get a great deal for my property! Then she went straight to work helping me and my family look for just the right home for us. She did all the work, finding homes for us to view through email and then put together a list to homes to go visit. We were able to find our home on our first day out. Wow, she was a positive, powerful negotiator for us and BAM we were buying our new home. She walked me through the process of selling my house and buying my new home. She made it all so easy! Meet with Rachael, let her bless you as she did me.

— Sheree Lavender